👋 Hi there,

I am Shoaib Sayyed.

I am a passionate software engineer with 2+ years of experience, blending design with programming skills to deliver an immersive and engaging user experience by building efficient, optimized and scalable web applications.

👷 Real-world

Software Engineer - Frontend

Saleshandy   ·   Nov 2021 - Present

I am working in an agile environment where I am responsible for creating and enhancing the features of the Saleshandy web application. I am also working on the Saleshady Design System by developing the reusable components from Figma to an NPM Library along with the documentation in Storybook.

Software Developer

Qloron Pvt Ltd   ·   Jun 2020 - Oct 2021

I was working in a team where my responsibilities were developing and managing the frontend for web applications built in react. I was also responsible for managing repositories and ensuring code quality.

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